Rethinking EVERYTHING…Really???

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday at coffee I ran into a friend I took a few college classes with back in the day,

Kenneth, I’m thinking about changing my entire life. I left my husband, quit my job, and I’m thinking about moving down South” she said

In her mid-thirties, I’m not sure if she’s having a mid-life crisis or if simply grew to hate her life,

I just woke up one day last year” she said, “and I realized that I absolutely hated my life. I go to work, come home and do chores, talked to my husband about stupid s**t, went to sleep and did it all over again. There hasn’t been anything in my life that is fulfilling or meaningful. It’s all just a revolving day of nothingness that doesn’t matter” she said

When I was in school years ago studying for…

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Time is…
The moments in life we see pass us by
Time is the tick tock on the clock
Time is what we see right before our eyes
Time is what we wish we could change, rewind or go fast forward

Wife duties

Someone could of told me… The long list of duties include some of the following :
6. Find time for sex *
* but I’m tired!!

Bachelorette days are gone

Today was the moving day… Officially I moved in with my fiancé .. Lawd there is no turning back all my shit is packed.. Is there any room to 🏃🏃🏃 just kidding. I’m excited and I’m nervous this is normal right ???

We did it we did it


👏👏👏 we did it!! I crossed the stage Saturday receiving Masters in Liberal Arts!! After long days and sleepless nights of writing my thesis… I now have a new found respect for authors!
My academic career is closing but I am blessed to say ” I graduated with a job offer”!!!


There is 24 hours in a day!
Why am I and most people only getting 4-6 on a good night!!!
Geez us … Take the wheel I’m too grown to be cranky 😬😩😂🙈